"I've always wanted to start an organization that can help people facing various difficult challenges in their lives. For example, a mother who is helpless and unable to provide food for her child. My aim is to assist them by providing suitable job opportunities for their livelihood. Therefore, I've initiated a project called 'Prayas,' which is a social welfare society dedicated to helping people in need." 

"I love making people smile. There was a little girl suffering from a serious heart condition, and she belonged to a financially disadvantaged family. We organized a national-level fundraising campaign for this kind-hearted girl and managed to cover all her medical expenses. Today, she's studying in the 6th grade and aspires to become a doctor. Our goal was to bring happiness to these people." 

My Birthday Celebration with my loved ones

"I love celebrating with them because they are also children. None of them had ever seen a cake before, so on their birthdays, I set up everything and make them feel happy." 

PRAYAS : Our Social Welfare Society 

"Embrace your dreams, take action, and lead the way. Don't let time hold you back."