My Literary Works

"I have a passion for sharing my thoughts and perspectives on various subjects. I often write articles for newspapers, and I've even authored a book titled 'Kota: The Suicidal Files.' Additionally, my poems have been featured in national-level competitions." 

In "Kota: The Suicidal Files" by Aviral Gupta, the dark reality of Kota, India's educational hub, is exposed. This book delves deep into the lives of students pursuing academic excellence in Kota, shedding light on the immense pressures and emotional turmoil they endure. Drawing from real-life stories, it challenges the current educational system's relentless pursuit of success at any cost and calls for prioritizing students' mental health and overall development. This poignant book serves as a wake-up call to educators, parents, policymakers, and society, emphasizing that success should never come at the expense of young lives. It advocates for empathy, reform, and a more humane approach to education, ultimately offering hope for a brighter future for the next generation

"Embrace your dreams, take action, and lead the way. Don't let time hold you back."