Green-thumb endeavors 

"My interest in gardening blossomed when the COVID-19 pandemic forced us all to stay home. I realized that there were approximately 10 to 20 neglected pots on my terrace, with plants that were not in the best of health. I decided to take action and turned to YouTube for guidance. I learned how to care for them, nurse them back to health, and even started repurposing waste materials from my house, such as thermacol boxes and plastic containers, to plant more greenery.

Over time, my garden expanded, and I began collecting various plant varieties, from coleus to croton, mint to guava, and many more. Today, I have a diverse array of plants. I'm committed to preserving and nurturing these special friends of mine in the future."


"Embrace your dreams, take action, and lead the way. Don't let time hold you back."